Towns: Bulletin Board in Bar, Sahagún, October 2011.

The Fiestas de San Roque were long over when this photo was taken. San Roque (Saint Roch in French and usually in English but sometimes St. Rock). St. Roch was a French saint who may or may not have made the walk to Santiago de Compostela, but depictions of San Roque are often mistaken for Santiago, for the 14th century saint wears a costume similar to that of a medieval peregrino. Usually he is accompanied by a dog, and a trouser leg is rolled up to reveal a wound. San Roque is a very popular saint in much of Latin America, in Italy, France and Spain and among Roman Catholics elsewhere whose origins are in those regions.

Upper photo mine; lower picture from Wikimedia Commons.

Landscapes and Senda: The Beginning of Cuesta de Matamulas (Mulekiller Hill) With Hornillos del Camino in the Distance, 1998.

In more than a few places, descents to lower elevations on the Camino Francés are extremely steep, and this one earns its name. It is difficult for walkers to keep their footing on the gravelly, steep descent and even more difficult for bicyclists to stay upright. Have not seen mules do it, but I imagine they would find it equally difficult.